Morrells Spa in Johannesburg

Discover the world of natural beauty at your spa in Johannesburg. If you have never enjoyed the luxury of indulging at a spa before, and you have always been tempted but always asked yourself the question – why a spa, if at all – there are reasons that stretch far beyond vanity and beauty.

Spas offer a refuge from a frenetic world. Whether you choose a scientific or a medical programme or even a more metaphysical, balanced approach to your personal lifestyle and wellness choices whilst encouraging the renewal of mind and soul – spas offer you that choice.

Your spa in Johannesburg should be place where you are able to collectively discover a time to relax and disconnect from the world as you recharge, and an opportunity to bring your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual selves back into alignment

In whatever amount of time one can afford, spas provide peace, relaxation and guidance in which to help create a healthier lifestyle. A tremendous growth in the spa industry has taken place in South Africa and although spa therapies themselves date back to antediluvian times, the modern spa with its extensive variety of spa packages and wellness options is quite unique and diverse.

Spas have become an integral part of the wellness, hospitality and tourism industry – with so much to offer those that seek a healthier and more laid-back existence, we encourage patrons to take a pro-active step towards their health and wellness management through partaking in our quality establishment whilst enjoying the benefits of the spa therapies and treatments we have to offer. We assist in a variety of processes and offer our consumers a moment of escapism and relaxation which we all so desperately need.

Your spa, Johannesburg, is a place where you will discover a world that is not only invigorating, but one that offers relaxation for the body, mind and soul. Exclusive beauty rituals from all over the world are put to use so that they can weave their natural magic and where you can now indulge your senses.

Hippocrates quoted “Health is the Greatest of Human Blessings” and it is with renewed appreciations of this gift and paybacks of wellness that our spa in Johannesburg has established itself as being a priority in the busy schedules of so many individuals from all walks of life.

If you believe that it is high time you discovered your spa in Johannesburg which is cleverly tucked away in Northcliff and flanked by lush vegetation, contact us today to find out how you, too, are able to benefit from this very real health investment.

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