Nonhlanhla & Kgomotso | 30 November 2013

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“Our wedding day was memorable beyond compare, our guests are still speaking about it.”

A day that left a warm feeling in everyone’s hearts was the day that Nonhlanhla and Kgomotso wed. This summer wedding was a vintage dream, it was both vibrant and charming in every way, flowers of peaches and cream and sugar coated fruits.  You could almost hear Nonhlanhla’s butterflies as she made her way through the piano room and up the stairs to the chapel where her handsome groom awaited.

All the wedding jitters were calmed with the presence of Morrells attentive staff as well as their excellent service to the newly married couple and their guests. The couple treated their guests to an indulgence of fine French cuisine, the highlight of the meal being the juicy fragrant lamb cutlets. Everyone left this special day with the feeling of utter satisfaction. We are so delighted that this lovely couple shared their memorable day with us.

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Photographer: Rensche Mari Photography

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